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Embrace the spirit of Australia with our Aussie Marg Set, a curated collection designed for lovers of the classic Margarita with a distinctive Down Under twist. At the heart of this set is our Agave Australis Silver, a premium Australian agave spirit that brings a smooth, clean taste to your cocktail creations.

Included in this set is a bottle of our Agave Australis Silver, showcasing the purest expression of Australian agave. It's paired with our specially crafted agave syrup, a sweet and natural complement that enhances the agave flavors in your Margarita. To mix your drinks to perfection, we provide a professional-grade cocktail shaker and a jigger for precise measurements. And no Margarita would be complete without a citrus press, essential for adding that fresh lime juice that's key to the cocktail’s zestful profile.

Whether you're stirring up a storm for guests or enjoying a quiet sundowner, our Aussie Marg Set is your companion for creating the ultimate Australian Margarita.

Agave Australis Aussie Marg Kit

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