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Our Story

Welcome to Mt Uncle Distillery, the heart of innovation and tradition in the Atherton Tablelands. Since 2001, we've been crafting award-winning spirits that embody our rich local heritage and our relentless pursuit of excellence.


Explore our diverse range, from the pioneering Agave Australis to the heritage-rich Botanic Australis and celebratory FNQ Rum Co.

Botanic Australis Logo

Botanic Australis

Discover the essence of the Atherton Tablelands with our Botanic Australis Gin. Infused with native botanicals, each sip tells the story of our unique landscape. Perfectly balanced and refreshingly distinct.

FNQ Rum Co White

FNQ Rum Co.

Celebrate the spirit of Far North Queensland with FNQ Rum Co. Our rums are a tribute to the tropical climate, volcanic soil, and pure spring water of our region, delivering rich, full-bodied flavours that are perfect for any occasion.

Agave Australis Logo White

Agave Australis

Experience the innovative spirit of Agave Australis, our 100% Australian Agave spirit. Crafted from the finest blue Weber agave, nurtured in the tropical climate of Far North Queensland, this spirit represents our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

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